Various Artists Sample This SEX2012-7 UPC: 614511798426
But we're not done yet! Our 2012 promotional compilation CD "Sample This" that includes 2 tracks each by El Pathos, Glambilly, Piñata Protest, Snowbyrd, Churchwood, Chief Fuzzer, The Copper Gamins, Los # 3 Dinners, T. Tex Edwards and The Gay Sportscasters. It won't be available in stores but is FREE with ANY Saustex order while supplies last and will be up on digital music services beginning April 3rd at the bargain price of only $7.99.

T. Tex Edwards Intexicated! SEX2012-2 UPC: 794504481822
T. Tex Edwards "remains a pioneering, under-appreciated, and often neglected chronicler of the offbeat and eccentric traditions of country rock'n'roll," notes All Music Guide. "Intexicated!" remedies any neglect of this wild and wooly Texas musical treasure with 19 collected odds, sods, unreleased recordings, demos, outtakes and offbeat gems from throughout his distinctively different musical career spent kicking up some seriously cool and twisted dust from the roots rocking underground. Featuring work under his own name as well as such T. Tex outfits as The Loafin' Hyenas, Tex & The SaddleTramps and The Swingin' Cornflake Killers are such top T. Tex moments as renditions of "Psycho" and "Lee Harvey was A Friend of Mine," his classic "Move It" (also recorded by The LeRoi Brothers), takes on Dave Davies' Kinks hit "Death of a Clown" and "Baby's Got A Gun" by The Only Ones, and to wrap it all up, a demo of a commercial Tex cut for the Chili's restaurant chain. It's an intexicating collection from an artist of uncommonly cool off-kilter brilliance.

El Pathos Hate & Love SEX2012-6 UPC:845121042337
With their powerhouse debut album, Hate & Love, El Pathos "may have nailed their very own Exile on Main St. on the first try," hails Rank N Review. Strong words indeed, and proven true by a listen to what plays like a definitive 2012 rock disc that stands on the shoulders of giants to cast its own long shadow. With a line-up that includes original members of The Dicks, Offenders, SubPop moto-rockers Catbutt and other notable underground bands of recent decades, it's tempting to call Austin-based El Pathos a supergroup of Texas Punk royalty. But what's truly at work here is six veterans uniting to create a group whose whole is far greater than the sum of its parts and their collective history. The result is music that is as hard edged and soulful as any rock'n'roll classic. It's no frills stuff with gripping moments both down'n'dirty and grand'n'glorious, just as the best rock music always has and should. Expect to see this on discerning year's best lists and endure well into the future as a timeless shot of rocking energy and passion.

Churchwood "Just The Two Of Us" SEX2012-4 UPC: 614511797429
"Dangerous, foreboding, in-your-face," is how Lone Star Music describes Churchwood, whose 2011 debut album won raves for how this Austin-based band "take the essence of primitive blues and mutate it into something new," as the Santa Fe New Mexican observes. This prolific, powerful, creative and highly original group now quickly return with a sizzling 7" inch single (with a download card of the full four-song EP included) that further expands the sound of what Punk Globe calls "the crazy, thinking man's blues band." Drawing from deep delta roots, rock'n'roll energy and the progressive musical adventurism forged by the late Captain Beefheart, Churchwood update the blues for the 21st Century and beyond. The stunning lyrical worldplay of singer and published poet Joe Doerr is surrounded by the dazzling swirl of inventive guitar playing by Bill Anderson and Billysteve Korpi and then hammered home by a piledriver rhythm section. It's music that's "rude, literate, bilingual, unpredictable, and addictive," raves the Austin Chronicle. And Just The Two Of Us continues to deliver that in spades.Available on 7" vinyl with download card and digital download.Opaque white vinyl in a limited edition of 100 exclusively from Saustex

Chief Fuzzer Transcendental Road Blues SEX2012-5 UPC: 614511797528
From behind the green light Chief Fuzzer has arrived to shake and thump 2012 and the years to come. This swampy, pedal pushing trio from San Marcos, Texas simultaneously channel ZZ Top, Blue Cheer, the rootsier side of Queens Of The Stone Age and your favorite stoner metal band. Drizzle it with psychedelic psauce, inject a dose of Disraeli Gears-era English Blues, turn up the guitar and unleash the bass and drums and you've got their debut EP, Transcendental Road Blues, issued as a 7-inch vinyl single with a download card of the full five-song EP included. It's a bracing first blast that previews a full album coming later this year. Deftly balanced on the fulcrum of classic and right on time for today, Chief Fuzzer meld rock from a garage large enough to house a big rig with a potency that plays like it belongs on an arena stage, and have been rapidly gaining a following throughout Central Texas. Available on 7" vinyl with download card and digital download.
Opaque green vinyl in a limited edition of 100 exclusively from Saustex.

The Copper Gamins The Copper Gamins EP SEX2012-3 UPC: 614511795326
From the mountains of Mexico comes a band and sound guaranteed to surprise and delight. Melding such diverse inspirations as 1960s garage rock, the films of Charlie Chaplin and the folkloric field recordings of John Lomax, The Copper Gamins are the latest wrinkle in the guitar/drums duo trend that has yielded such star acts as The White Stripes and The Black Keys, yet at the same time something completely original and distinctive. It's raw and naïve music that rattles with inspiration and imagination, reminding of the unpolished fire of The Oblivians and the sly, obtuse nuance of Eugene Chadbourne and revelatory experimentalists The Residents, embodying both electrifying crackle and sweet romanticism. This five-track EP introduces a group that already sparked a buzz through the underground in their brief residence last year in Central Texas when the band literally lived in a blue garage.

Piñata Protest Plethora Reloaded SEX2012-1 UPC: 794504481921
Plethora "Reloaded" is a unique response to the success of 2010's debut release by the San Antonio band that takes punk rock to the cantina and invests the wheezing old accordion with a new rock'n'roll potency: the same album kicked up more than a few notches by re-recording the bass and guitar tracks to reflect a great leap forward brought about by changes in the group personnel and its enhanced power and focus thanks to national touring. Hailed as "the tastiest norteño/rock recipe to date" by, Piñata Protest have been described as the "Mexican Dropkick Murphys" or "the love child of Flaco Jimenez and Sid Vicious," cannily rewiring both the Tex-Mex and punk traditions to create one of the most bracing new ripples in rock music's ongoing progression in recent memory. It's music that's as hot as jalepeño peppers and as satisfying as a plate of enchiladas. And "Reloaded" transforms Plethora as originally recorded into a collectors item. That's a two-for-one deal that's hard to refuse.