When I first began traveling with whatever band I happened to be in the early 80's
I was tipped off to a place in Houston near the downtown bus station called The
Fire Sale. They specialized in freight damaged and "seconds" stock. We would buy
t-shirts to screen print that had seams running every which way through them for
99 cents. If I'm not mistaken I think the Bu**hole Surfers bought a large stock
of shirts that said "I Shot J.R." that pictured Larry Hagman in his Texas oilman
git-up which they then printed their own band name on top of. But I think what
I really liked about the place was the immaculate advertising phrase they had painted in four foot letters on the side of the building: "Others' misfortune is your gain at The Fire Sale."

Anyhow, pithy pitches and foggy punk rock memories aside - in April of this year
I made the decision to move my Saustex label operations out of my residence and
merge it with the family office, acquiring a slightly larger 550 square foot space
to replace the 300 square feet we had previously been occupying. I was tired of
living in the middle of a shipping and receiving area and it seemed like a good
time to step up the label game. I finally finished the move towards the end of June.
Then, about three weeks ago there was an electrical fire at the small two-story
professional building. Thankfully, nobody was injured and none of my stock was destroyed but the entire building must be vacated to be rewired and for the smoke and water damage to be repaired. This has forced me to repatriate all of the label stuff to my house and/or garage. Also, keeping in mind that I'm in South Texas, this necessitates storing all of the vinyl inside my house... I had just finally moved my own record collection back into the house from the garage (!?!?) after several years in exile.I need to thank super band mates and amigos Lance Farley, James Flores and Marty Luna for their help in removing the label stock from the second story office that was humid, acrid from flame retardants and smoke, lacking windows and ventilation, and also without electricity (and the elevator that was there when I moved in.)

Now, if you follow my personal, band or label pages you know that I don't ask for
money for myself or ask you to participate in crowd-funding for my releases or bands. I will occasionally share crowd-funding pitches for friends if I feel it is a worthy project or an immediate need that deserves your support. I occasionally ask folks to attend medical and charity benefits and also sometimes offer "premiums" for donations to causes that are important to me (Davy Jones' needs for instance), BUT I will never ask you to give me money for my business, other than in a usual sort of advertising way.

Anyway, the real problem I have right now is not money, but space. I have several
new releases coming in that will make things tighter than ever so I am offering
a limited time "FIRE SALE" screaming deal on the back catalog of vinyl releases.
Hickoids "Kicking It With The Twits" LP
Chief Fuzzer 7"
Churchwood "Just The Two Of Us" 7"
Churchwood "2" LP (yellow vinyl)
The Hares "Smoking In Bed" LP (white vinyl)
The Copper Gamins "Los Niños de Cobre" LP (mystery colored vinyl)
Churchwood "3: Trickgnosis" LP (on "Trickgnotic" vinyl)
Piñata Protest "El Valiente" LP
The Grannies/Hickoids "300 Years of Punk Rock" split LP
The Beaumonts "Hey Y'all It's" LP (white vinyl)
The Grannies "Ballsier" LP (on "Tranny-lucent" green vinyl)
Hickoids "Hairy Chafin' Ape Suit" LP
Western Star "Fireball" LP
Javier Escovedo "Kicked Out Of Eden" LP
Blowfly "77 Rusty Trombones" LP (mystery colored vinyl)
I am offering all 13 LP's and the two 7" 's for $100 postpaid in the United States
(only) and to sweeten the deal I will give $10 from every order to HAAM (Health
Alliance of Austin Musicians).
Also - I would be remiss if I didn't add that there is absolutely nothing wrong
with this merchandise so don't get any big ideas about printing your own name on
the covers. (Offer ends 11/01/16)

I'm also offering "The Mini-Screamer" (in honor of Jabroni) - choose five of the
above LP titles and one 7" for $60 postpaid and I will donate $10 to HAAM. (Offer
ends 11/01/16)

Let my misfortune be your gain. Help me. Help HAAM. Knock out some holiday gift
shopping early. If you don't have a record collection, start one. Invent an excuse.
And if your significant other is going to be angry - tell 'em "Smitty made me!"
I can take the heat if you can't - just do it.
Thanks in advance.